A Feature Film by  Maxwell McCabe-Lokos

Written by Rob Benvie


       Maria Stanleyville is in a fugue state. She has walked away from her life ­– her job, her money, her feckless husband and vile teenaged daughter, her entire identity. While loitering in an underground food court, she is approached by a strange man, Homunculus, to participate in an even stranger contest for the prize of a “brand new aubergine purple Toyota Rav4.” She accepts, immersing herself in the bizarrely decorated “Competition Pavilion” with her fellow contestants:  Andrew Frisbee, Jr., self-styled alpha male and aspiring capitalist; Bofill Pancreas, amiable bodybuilder and salesperson for the Herbalife nutrition system; Manny Jumpcannon, a seedy, failed actor, brimming with wired energy; and Felicie Arkady, sullen, mysterious and focused on destroying her competitors. The contest consists of eight rounds, each more twisted than the next. As hours stretch into days, alliances are formed and the Pavilion descends into depravity – and eventually, violence. Only one of the contestants will win, but by the end of the contest, the prize of a compact SUV seems like cold comfort for a lost soul. 



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